BSides Chicago is proud to present our Keynote!


The Future of Information Security
Garrett Gross, AlienVault

While we sometimes think of new and emerging technology as the ‘future’ of information security, we tend to neglect many of the other components like education, communication, information sharing, and community engagement. Its up to us in the infosec community to not only provide the spark and medium to fuel technical progress but also to fan the flames of advocacy and vigilance in spreading the good word of security.

In this talk, I’ll discuss the importance of security advocacy, educating your organization on the value of a robust security posture, and raising awareness on how critical it is to share information about breaches and attacks.


Our Speaker:

Garrett Gross (@breachparty) has always had an insatiable appetite for technology and information security, as well as an underlying curiosity about how it all works. Garrett has over 15 years of professional experience in information technology, filling several roles: systems administration, network engineering, technical support, product marketing, and helpdesk. In his current role in field enablement, he uses his experience to help managed security service providers be successful in evangelizing and operationalizing their security offering.