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Let’s Talk about Social Engineering
Ellen Cram Kowalczyk, Microsoft

Let’s talk about Social Engineering. What works and what doesn’t. Why are some more susceptible than others. Could it be the cute cat pictures? Well, the internet was created by and for cats, right? Let’s talk about the traps that we sometimes fall into when trying to drive security into organizations and groups. What can we do differently, besides giving up to all the cats? BSidesChicago is a purrfect place to socialize and chat about it.


Our Speaker:

Ellen Cram Kowalczyk is a technical security leader with extensive experience in the full security development lifecycle. For Microsoft, she currently leads a cloud security team, and in the past led the team who provided security reviews and sign-off for all product company-wide, and the TWC Security Fraud and Abuse push. For Amazon, she led the AWS Threat Intelligence and Security Engineering Teams, and the AWS EC2 Security Team. She is a recognized expert in Social Engineering Prevention as well as Security Development and Operations.

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