Workshops are more like hands-on classroom and less like a lecture.

Exact location for each workshop will be available on site during the event.

Our workshops are free to attend, but have limited seating. Please register for a workshop seat by selecting your workshop from the ticket options at Eventbrite. UPDATE: Tickets for workshops have all sold out, but there will be a Waitlist on site to fill empty seats. Check with registration for more info.

Workshop Details:

This is an interactive workshop, with the goal of teaching security professionals how to implement data science techniques in order to obtain valuable insights from their data. The combination of data science and security allows the security community to transform assumptions, opinions and beliefs into knowledge. This workshop teaches attendees data science concepts, techniques and processes for analyzing various security datasets.

Student Requirements: Technical Skills: No previous experience in data science is necessary. High-level understanding of programming is recommended.

Materials Needed: Students will be required to bring their own laptops. Laptops will need a VMWare Workstation or VirtualBox installation with an install of any operating systems is fine, as well as the installation of Python3 and Jupyter Notebooks. I will provide a Ubuntu VM if necessary, all other tools will be provided.

Topics Covered: Data Science Process, Machine Learning Process, Intrusion Detection

We will end with a competition on who can build the most accurate intrusion detection system.

Presented by @DCCU217

This workshop will be helpful for anyone who’s interested in securing the web, and getting rewarded for it. Know how to join bug bounty programs offered by organizations, on different platforms. The participants will also learn about correct methodology of starting with bug hunting, automating the majority of the initial discovery phase in their own lab setup using Docker, Shell Scripts etc. and Reporting the bug to the Security team for responsible disclosure.

Presented by Ramandeep Singh | Security Consultant, Evolve Security

Packetwars is a specialized CTF experience designed to reflect real-world scenarios. Join us for a brief introduction to the skills used in Packetwars and other CTF-style competitions and to test your skills on the Packetwars battlefield.

Grace Rogers (Se7en)
Bryan Fite (Angus, PacketMaster)
Edmond Rogers (bigezy)

Presented by @DCCU217